Record what's on your mind, from anywhere

Journaling can improve your health and help you take inventory of your day. Soul Journal works offline and from any device. Use it as a place to record thoughts and events from the day.


Lightweight with the functionalities you need for journaling, and none of the things you don't:

Cross Platform
Write from any internet connected device, with pages optimized for all screen sizes
Install as an App
Add to your home screen on iPhone or Android to use it like you would an app
Offline Capable
Record thoughts as they come to you, whether you have internet or not, your entries are saved when you get a connection
Full Text Search
Search through your entries by text to quickly find past entries and recall what you've written
Download all of your journal entries at any time for back-up or safe keeping
Dark Mode
Take it easy on your eyes, with an easily accessible toggle from all screens and detection of night hours to turn on automatically